Lucky Tiger casino European Roulette, is one of the most popular and exciting variations of this table game. It almost does not differ from the classic game of roulette but has several useful and exciting modifications. This gives users who love such games a special interest in the game, as well as many new positive emotions. European roulette first appeared in the world in 2017. Since then, it has been gaining popularity, and the number of players in it very quickly. 

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Basic rules of the game

The rules of the game European roulette, are almost no different from the rules in its classical version. But there are differences among them, and they are quite noticeable. For example, European roulette uses chips with other denominations. The minimum bet in European roulette is 1, and the maximum is 100. To win in Lucky Tiger playing European roulette, players need to guess at what number or color the ball will fall. But there are other types of bets in European roulette. Namely:

  • a bet on one number;
  • bet on two or four numbers;
  • line bet;
  • column bet;
  • color;
  • even or odd numbers;
  • individual dozens.
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The amount of winnings in European roulette depends on how accurately the player has guessed one of the above points. Also with the size of the bet, the bigger it is, the more the player will get the winnings in a successful attempt. After all, each of these bets has different odds. They start from 1:1 and the maximum is 35:1. 

To place a bet, the player will need to put the number of chips he chooses on the cell or row, which in his opinion will be the winning one. European Roulette Lucky Tiger exists at almost all online casinos with a category of online table gambling or if its owner cooperates with the provider providing this game. 

In online casinos, European roulette appeared almost immediately after its creation. After all, its rules though not particularly different from the classic version, it is much more interesting due to other factors. Playing European Roulette online, the player should understand that he only plays alone, with no dealers or other players. So if he wins or not it's an absolute fluke. 

The essence of the European roulette game is that there is a special field on which there are eighteen black cells, eighteen red, and one green with zero, among the ordinary players called the last zero. 

In a special wheel that rotates a small ball also has all these cells, but in a different form, and which number and color will fall on the ball, which becomes the winning. Players win in European roulette if they guess the number or its color.

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To make it easier for European roulette fans to get oriented in this area, and not have to contact the player's support service, we have collected a number of the most popular and frequently asked questions about European roulette. Thanks to our answers, everyone will be able to start playing their favorite game as quickly as possible.

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