Get ready for Qora Games' new online slot game, Reels And Wheels XL, which is an updated and improved version of the original game. It boasts a more extensive gameplay experience, and includes improved features, exciting sound effects and tempting jackpots, just like its predecessor. If you enjoyed playing the original game, you'll surely love the XL version.

You can win big with Reels and Wheels XL slot machine at Lucky Tiger. This slot has five reels, more multipliers, and opportunities for generous payouts. With 20 pay lines, which pay out from left to right, you'll be in for a treat as you spin the colorful slot screen in search of winning combinations.

The Reels and Wheels XL slot machine at Lucky Tiger allows you to bet a maximum of $200 per spin. Your payout increases as the value of the symbols on the winning line increases. Fruits, sevens and diamonds are the symbols that pay the most. The diamond serves as the wild symbol and replaces any other symbol needed to complete the winning line. Watch for diamonds when the reels and wheels stop!

The Reels and Wheels XL RTP payout percentage is 96%, which beats most other slot machines available to play.

Features that bring you great benefits

Unleash the potential of the Reels and Wheels XL slot machine at Lucky Tiger with its outstanding features, which are sure to catch your eye! This gaming marvel has not one but three unique bonus symbols which pave the way for great free spins, jackpot wheels or higher multipliers. All you have to do is choose the right bonus symbol to activate it.

Reels and Wheels XL Slot Machine1

Free spins

If you want to step up your gameplay, try launching the exciting Reels and Wheels XL FREE Spins feature. Not only will you enjoy up to 12 free rounds, but all your rewards will be increased by up to 10 times! To activate this feature, you need to land the bonus icons on reels 1 and 3, and the free spins symbol must appear on reel 5. With this bonus, even a moderate win of $1,000 can turn into a huge fortune of $10,000 in the equivalent of your chosen currency.

Welcome Bonus


+ 40 FS on Wild Hog Luau

Reels and Wheels Xl jackpot

Who doesn't love winning big at online casinos? Reels and Wheels XL makes it possible thanks to its jackpot wheel section.

Try the thrill of online slot Reels and Wheels XL jackpot, where five unique jackpots are waiting for you with every spin. The jackpot wheel will stop unpredictably, giving you a prize wherever the pointer stops!

To reach the Reels and Wheels XL jackpot, you must first reach the bonus reel, located amongst the many reels and wheels. This gives you the chance to win an impressive fixed prize of 500 times your bet. Alternatively, if you hit the jackpot slot, you'll be taken straight to the jackpot reel, offering a prize that's sure to be won.

You can play Reels and Wheels XL jackpot anytime and anywhere, whether from a desktop or mobile device. The giant spinning wheel is compatible with both iOS and Android devices.

Diamond Fiesta Slot Machine2

Bonus Spins

Like its predecessor, the Reels and Wheels XL slot machine provides gamers with free spins in which their Reels and Wheels XL odds of winning increase. In addition, the machine includes a bonus wheel, which can bring in much larger payouts. The symbols on the reels of the machine consist of the less lucrative letters A, K, Q and J, as well as the number 7.

To trigger the bonus wheel feature, you need to get the bonus symbols on reels 1 and 3, as well as the wheel icon on the fifth reel. The bonus wheel itself consists of 23 multipliers and one jackpot field. When this wheel starts spinning, a quick spin can lead you to the biggest winnings ever!

Winning strategy games

The Reels and Wheels XL strategy in today's games are very varied. To win, it is better to alternate them or try out different variations. This will help increase the chance of winning a large sum. There are several popular strategy variations, including:

  • Martingale;
  • Parlay;
  • Wave;
  • Zig-Zag;
  • Umbrella.

Martingale. This is one of the best known strategies for playing slots online for free. It requires the involvement of only one line.

You should start with the minimum bet. After the loss is required to increase the bet in 2 times. So act until the first win. After that, you should play in normal mode, starting again with the minimum bet.

Parlay. This strategy is also called Anti-Martingale. Its essence is that after successful rotations should double your bet, and if the bet did not play, it should leave it at the previous level.

Wave. This strategy is one of the oldest online slots game and frequently used. The player should increase the bet amount after getting a profitable winning combination. An increase of 5 times or more is recommended.

Zig-zag. This strategy is based on the principle of maximum chaos. The only stable variable remains the game on one line. To win, you need to make bets of different sizes and in the most chaotic order. If for a long time it is not possible to knock out a profitable winning combination, it is necessary to change the slot.

Umbrella. This strategy belongs to the moderate type. It is based on increasing and decreasing the size of the bet through a certain number of spins.

The increase takes place gradually. It is necessary to make 5 spins or more to increase the bet by 2 times. After this it is required to keep the bet the same number of spins. Then the own maximum bet threshold is determined. When the maximum is reached and there is no winnings, it is worth reducing the bet according to the same principle.

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